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Google Shopping
Mr Sam Baldwin

The Anatomy of Shopping Campaigns

Moving on to the next section of our Google Shopping campaigns guide, our next stop is anatomy. That is, how a campaign works, the different platforms that are involved (and

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How Privacy is Changing PPC
Mr Sam Baldwin

How Privacy is Changing PPC

We’ve talked about it quite a bit these days, but the Google ecosystem is changing by the second. We’ve seen new bidding strategies and ad formats, as well as a full-fledged plunge into all things video. But, beyond all of these more “exciting” changes, the conversation surrounding PPC privacy is heating up, too.

Another big change coming out of Google’s Marketing Live event is less splashy—and on the surface, just as exciting as a discussion about cybersecurity best practices. While we all feel angry when our data is exposed, we can admit that most of us aren’t always proactive about staying safe online. And yes, Google PPC is making public moves toward a more transparent privacy policy.

While the search giant will likely continue to collect mounds of data for the foreseeable future, they may start making some changes in order to appease the end user.

Though the media hasn’t talked much about what’s ahead for Google Ads and how they’ll be using data moving forward, it’s one of the more important conversations we need to be having right now. Here, we’ll look at how privacy is changing PPC for advertisers, e-commerce sellers included.

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Google Ads
Mr Sam Baldwin

Increase the Reach of Your Ad Spend with RLSA Lists

Remarketing lists for search ads, or RLSA, is a feature in Google Ads that allows advertisers to customize search remarketing campaigns by targeting people who have engaged with their site in the past.

The benefit for retailers is that it’s an opportunity to reconnect with qualified buyers using a relatively low-cost PPC strategy. RLSA lists also collect valuable insights and help you go after competitors, with behavior and intent-driven events used to grow your audience and drive conversions.

In this article, we’ll look at a few ways that e-commerce brands can benefit by adding RLSA lists to their PPC stack. Let’s have a look:

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laptop on table colleagues
Marketing & Advertising
Mr Sam Baldwin

How to Run a PPC Audit in the New Google Ads Editor

You might not look forward to running PPC audits, but they’ll help you spot problems before they get out of hand. That might mean identifying areas where you’re wasting money or discovering that you’ve been targeting the wrong groups all along.

While PPC audits themselves aren’t exactly a revelation, they’re an essential part of any search marketer’s strategy, and luckily, Google has rolled out some new additions to their Ads Editor and Reports to make the process easier.

New features allow brands to review ad strength, maximize conversions and set custom rules. Keep reading, and we’ll go over some key things to know before you get started.

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