Section 1: Introduction

Welcome to the course


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Hey there!

Welcome to the Product Page Mastery Course! 

I'm so excited to have you here and to show you how to create product pages that convert.

This is the biggest problem I see with most Ecom stores – they struggle to successfully convert their customers.

Maybe you're in the same boat. You're spending tons of cash on traffic but just can't get it profitable. Or maybe you know that your store could be converting more customers but you just don't know-how.

Well, I saw many of my clients, students and Youtube viewers struggling with this and decided to make this course to show you how to create what we call “Long-Form Product Pages”. 

This is the secret strategy that big brands use. They don't just throw up a product page with an image, title and description. No, they put time into creating a long-form page with multiple sections and elements that are designed to guide the customer through the buying process to add the product to their cart and make the sale.

These pages WORK. I'm working with dozens of successful store owners every day (my team and I help them with their paid traffic, as well as running our own store). The biggest and best brands all use this strategy and they garner conversion rates in the 3-8% range, with some even hitting 9-11%. Imagine if you could run Google Shopping campaigns and convert 10% of all clicks that came through. How profitable would those campaigns be? How quickly would you be able to scale your store?

Yes, it takes some work upfront, but I'm going to guide you through this process so you can build your own page here with me right now.

Let's get into it, I'm excited to finally share this groundbreaking strategy with you all so we can all build more successful Ecom stores together.

Let's go!

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