Google Merchant Center Suspension Fix
100% Money-Back Guarantee

We’ll get your GMC suspension lifted so your Google Shopping campaigns can run again… guaranteed

With this service, we won’t just audit your website, product feed, and Google Merchant Center account like we do for the suspension audit, we’ll work with Google until your Merchant Center account is unsuspended.

If we can’t fix it  you get your money back.

Has your Merchant Center account been suspended?

Audit Email

We have found that there are 3 main areas causing GMC Suspensions:

1. Issues within your Google Merchant Center Account

Google has been banning Google Merchant Center accounts like crazy and it’s very hard to understand why it’s happening to your own store.

The reasons given by Google are rather unhelpful:

  • “Misrepresentation”
  • “Unacceptable business practices”
  • “Counterfeit goods”
  • “Malicious software”
  • “Unsupported Shopping content”
  • “Misleading or unrealistic promotions”
  • “Inappropriate content”

We regularly find issues within Google Merchant Center. Such as incorrect  or poorly added Business Information Settings, problems with Shipping Information, or more.

2. Issues within your Product Feed

There are often problems with product feeds causing suspensions such as product disapprovals, errors, warnings or problematic fields within your feed.

3. Issues on Your Website

A large amount of issues occur on your website. Missing (or poorly written) policy pages, misleading information, copied product details and reviews, among a multitude of other factors that can lead to a poor user experience.

When you purchase our GMC Suspension Fix, our compliance team will go over these 3 areas to identify the likely cause of your suspension.

We’ll then connect with Google to appeal your suspension.

We guarantee that your GMC account will be unsuspended or you’ll get your money back.

To be eligible for this service and guarantee:

  • Your store must comply with all Google policies regarding content and practices.
  • You must not have created a new account in an attempt to circumvent a previous suspension. (Google hates that.)
  • Your business must not be engaged in unethical practices, such as fake reviews or misleading claims.
  • You must agree to implement our recommended changes (we’ll revise everything we can, but sometimes we don’t have the access store owners do to fix all required changes ourselves).

How to Apply?

Access our sister site to apply:

Apply Here

The Process

2. If you’re deemed eligible, purchase the service (we’ll provide a link).​

3. Provide access to your platforms.

Upon purchase, you’ll be directed to an onboarding guide that shows you how to give our specialists the necessary access to your platforms. It will also ask you for further information related to your suspension, which can assist us in finding the likely cause.

4. Review your audit.

It will be emailed as a PDF to you within 7 days.

5. Implement the recommended audit changes.

While we can and will make many changes on your behalf as part of our services, there may be some elements that only you have the information or access to do yourself.

6. Appeal.

Once all the recommended fixes have been implemented we will submit your appeal to the Google team.

7. Repeat as necessary.

If it doesn’t work the first time, we will continue to audit, change, and appeal once again. Successful second and third are quite common.

What will you need to do?

Included in our audit will be several recommendations for fixing your GMC account, product feed and ecommerce store.

You’ll need to make these changes to your site and GMC Account on your own.

We’ll make as many changes as we can to your GMC Account and product feed (such as fixing product disapprovals, etc.) but, often, you will need to make the changes yourself, as we won’t have access to specific information about your store. For example, you may not have the correct shipping information in your GMC account settings.

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