About Us

We’re a team that focuses solely on using Google Ads and the CRO (conversion rate optimization) methodology for growing our ecommerce clients’ profits.

KeyCommerce Locations

Our clients and team span 6 continents (20 countries) in multiple languages.

Why ecommerce store owners work with us

  • We put their profitability and growth first. Every conversation we have, report we send, test we implement, and strategy we take turns on two metrics: revenue volume and return on ad spend. Our clients feel that focus from day one.
  • We get results because we work hard. Many agencies—perhaps one you’ve worked with before—seem to prize the contract, not the relationship. That means they load account managers up with as many clients as possible to maximize their own profitability, and depend on quick and clever hacks to maintain the contract. We have the industry’s lowest number of accounts assigned per account manager (at least, we’ve never heard of lower) because hard work and initiative takes time, and every store owner we commit to gets a relative abundance.
  • We take pride in wowing our clients. We know no other way than to aim for a success story with each store owner. Every journey’s different, but our approach always includes respecting each client’s time, goals, and circumstances; as evidenced by our many testimonials and video testimonials.
  • We’ve likely worked with a store similar to yours. Our highly experienced team has the advantage of having measurably grown hundreds of businesses, covering many product types, working with stores you’ve probably visited and bought from. Collectively, we’ve managed tens of millions in spend to generate hundreds of millions in revenue in ecommerce.
  • Many marketing agencies charge a percentage of your Google Ads spend. We don’t. We’re not saying that all agencies who do this are motivated to focus on increasing your spend rather than your revenue and return, but our focus is on increasing your revenue and return. Reap all the rewards from us doing that.
  • We have helped tens of thousands of store owners with our popular YouTube channel. Our videos have been viewed over 1.4 million times, and our channel is subscribed to by over 23,000 business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs.
  • We are fellow entrepreneurs: We know well the feeling of spending your own money on advertising. These aren’t just numbers on a screen, this is the business you’ve worked hard to get to this point on. We respect and empathize with that. (KeyCommerce was 100% bootstrapped.)
  • We guarantee our work. We offer a four-week, money-back guarantee. You must think we’re a good fit, or we’ll give you a full, prompt refund.

We help ecommerce sites profit & grow

We love exploring what works in ecommerce marketing. Just the technology and data is fascinating enough, but mastering the creative and psychological aspects also bring the whole thing to a level of art and science that we’re obsessed with.

And if you’ve ever spoken with someone who’s passionate about a subject, you know they can’t shut up about it. That’s half the reason we publish so many guides, emails, and videos to share with store owners who are on their own journey of success.

The other half of the reason we do it is a bit more self-serving. We only work with stores who are in their second stage of ecommerce business growth, so we want to help people in their first stage. As they grow, perhaps they’ll consider us to help scale further.

We succeed through our values

Our values, beliefs and quirks are as follows:

  • The proof is in the profit
    You may love what you’re reading and love interacting with us, but there’s a world of difference between words and results. Your profit is the starting point for every conversation you’ll have with us, and the numbers will be clear. They’re why you’ll really come to love us.
  • Empathy is key to our relationship
    This isn’t a business, it’s your business. These aren’t numbers on a screen, this is your money being spent and your future being built. Our team is consistently trained to think from your perspective, which means closely listening to your priorities, clarifying any points of confusion, and acting in sync with your goals.
  • Hard work beats clever
    We’re not geniuses. We haven’t developed a formula that works for all circumstances and neither has anyone else. The best shot you have for success is with a competent, experienced team that genuinely cares about your performance and works hard on it daily.
  • Our culture is about your success
    Whether it’s in a chat with you, or an internal team chat about you, we’re saying the same things. We’re fixated on making you our next success story, and it shows from our team’s relentless deep-dive collaborations and analyses on each account to keep it moving forward.
  • You can’t be world-class without acting like it
    We take professionalism seriously. That means our commitments are honored, you are respected, and we hold ourselves to high standards of quality. We think that’s how the best of the best comport themselves.
  • Ethics are a virtue
    We’d rather fail than succeed by being unscrupulous. Is that a silly notion today? Perhaps, but so far so good. We honor our agreements, and do right by our vendors, clients, and team. We do not engage in black hat tactics. Great business is built on finding the win-wins.
  • A great team is unstoppable
    And you only get there with great people. The attributes we look for (Aside from the obvious technical proficiencies) are: pride in being professional, always learning, caring about the results, and never shying away from hard work*. Pretty much a reflection of our first six values, really.

* Don’t worry, a healthy work-life balance is always encouraged and supported.

Our Team

Sam Baldwin, KeyCommerce Founder
Datch Haven,
KeyCommerce CEO
Business Manager
Executive Assistant
Chief Technology Officer
Team Director
Product Feed Specialist
Conversion Tracking Expert
Content Production Manager
Google Ads Account Manager
CRO Strategist
Google Ads Account Assistant
Google Ads Account Manager
Digital Marketer
Sales Development Representative
Google Ads Accounts Manager

This, we daresay, is a talented team of professionals.

By the end of your first month with us, almost all of us will have likely contributed to the analysis, planning and execution of the strategies for your growth. We know what we’re doing, we like what we’re doing, and we take pride in doing it well.

We’re all remote (because why not in this day and age?), so only a couple of us have ever met up In Real Life (though there’s talk of an awesome get together one day). Just the same, we’ve developed a strong dynamic of complementary skill sets, roles, and perspectives that shows itself in our execution.

But enough about us. Let’s talk about…

Mr Sam Baldwin

Sam founded KeyCommerce in 2014. Before that, he’d been a trained accountant, which explains the laser focus on profitability that he baked into our core mindset from the start.

His fascination with what worked in online marketing, and the methodology he applied to learning it, established his reputation and success relatively quickly. Over the years, he also developed as a leader, attracting a team that could support and fulfill the level of commitment he felt due to anyone crazy enough to take a chance on him.

By late 2019, as part of a self-improvement exercise, he set a challenge to himself to launch a YouTube channel and start sharing the lessons he and his team had been learning. At an incredible pace of one video per day!

This proved to be an inflection point for KeyCommerce. Not only did he learn even more through teaching (by intensely studying any topic he shared), he also found a wonderfully welcoming audience of store owners starving for the information.

The resulting demand for Sam’s help brought a challenge. He learned that taking on unproven start-up stores as clients, even when well-funded, was a statistically poor call. No amount of hard work in Google Ads could overcome a flawed model. So, to get more of the long-term relationships that had been so rewarding, he focused on specializing in growing second stage stores into third stage stores.

That’s proven to be a very good specialty to be in. And here we are.

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