Section 1.1: Foundations of Google Shopping

Welcome to the course


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Sam outlines what you can expect from this course, including learning:
  • How Google Shopping works
  • How to ensure your website is compliant with Google policy
  • How to set up your product feed and Merchant Center account
  • How to set up your conversion tracking
  • How to create and optimize your Shopping campaigns
  • How to fix an underperforming campaign


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23 days ago

Thank you for this Fabulous Course…

Kamal Kothari
15 days ago

But what about Google Performance Max Campaigns? Shouldn’t we all be switching over to them? Aren’t Google Shopping Campaigns outdated?

Mr Sam Baldwin
15 days ago
Reply to  Kamal Kothari

Hi Kamal,

I wouldn’t say that Shopping campaigns are outdated. Smart Shopping is going away, that’s true, but Standard Shopping is still here and has its uses.
Performance Max campaigns are taking over, but that highly depends on the account. We have accounts crushing it with Performance Max and others that don’t and are still using Standard Shopping.
We’re preparing a series about Performance Max campaigns, so keep following us to see how we use them!

12 days ago
Reply to  Mr Sam Baldwin

May I ask why Smart Shopping is going away?

Jo Vucic
12 days ago
Reply to  Ben

Hi Ben,

Smart Shopping and Local campaigns are going away and Performance Max campaigns are taking their place. Learn more :

Naruto Shop
12 days ago

what the budget you advice to start in google shopping ads ?

Jo Vucic
12 days ago
Reply to  Naruto Shop

Hi Naruto Shop,

There’s no perfect answer here because it depends on multiple factors like your budget, products you sell, profit margin, competition, potential, and others.
But let’s say I’d advise starting with $50 per day for Google Shopping. I have to repeat that it depends on what you’re selling and to whom.

10 days ago

Hi, can you guide me how to choose a product for google shopping ads. Because there are millions of categories. I’m confused in selecting the product. Kindly provide any example of a good product. Thanks

Jo Vucic
9 days ago
Reply to  Saim

Hi Saim,

It’s hard to start, that’s for sure!
There are many ways to research a niche, choose the products, and other necessary tasks.
I would probably start here:
and here: