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Section 4.5: Creating Google Shopping Campaigns

Google Shopping launch checklist

Before you hit the “Launch” button, here are the things you need to check before your campaigns go live. Make sure you don't skip this pre-launch check to ensure that your  campaigns are set up for maximum profits and to avoid wasting money with silly mistakes.

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1 year ago

Hi, I'm not completely sure if this is my fault or not, but I can't seem to open the checklist once I download it; it says I need to request access. Is this an error on your side?

Jo Vucic
1 year ago
Reply to  Ayman

Hi Ayman,

when you click on the link, you should get a prompt to copy the existing sheet. Can you click on this link and check if that's the case :

1 year ago

Hey Mr. Sam, I can't thank u enough for this great course, it's really amazing and I can't believe it's FREE!, I'm implementing everything that you've mentioned and I'll set up my first shopping campaign, I have a question and I'm kinda confused here if we're not adding any keywords, interests, or behaviors to target our audience, how are they gonna find our shopping ads? I see that u did not add any targeting options, so should the customer type exactly the product name in order for our ad to appear for him? I mean aren't there supposed to be specific keywords that we add for better targeting?

Jo Vucic
1 year ago
Reply to  Ghaith

Hi Ghaith,

There are no keywords to target in Google Shopping campaigns. You'll have to optimize the product feed with the keywords you want to show up for.

1 year ago

Hi. I have been following these videos and have found them to be really helpful. At the end of this video it's doesn't actually say how to launch the campaign? What do I need to do to make the campaign live?
Thanks, Patrick.

Ela Bruce
1 year ago
Reply to  Patrick

Hi Patrick,

When you create a campaign on Google Ads, there is usually a “Save” button somewhere on the page. Your ad will then go into review and after it has been approved by Google it will automatically go live. If you want to pause it you can do so from the campaign dashboard on Google Ads.

9 months ago

hi, what do i do to make sure my checkout page for the item stays directly in google shopping, instead of going directly to my personal website

Ela Bruce
9 months ago
Reply to  NateZ

Hey NateZ,

Unfortunately, we can't help you with that technical issue. I suggest you contact your ecommerce store platform to find out what needs to be done to fix this issue.

5 months ago

I'm having trouble getting the videos to load on this course. I've attached a screenshot. I've tried multiple lessons, refreshing, hard refreshing, and using an incognito window. I didn't have a problem my first time through this course, but now that I'm coming back to re-watch certain lessons, the video on the page doesn't seem to re-load. I'm going to find the videos on YouTube so I should be able to work around this but thought you guys should be aware as it may be effecting other users.

CleanShot 2023-11-09 at 06.23.35@2x.png
Ela Bruce
3 months ago
Reply to  Jason

Hi Jason,

We have fixed this issue, please try again, and if you are still experiencing the same problem please let me know.

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