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Section 3.3: How to Create Your Product Feed

Set up your product feed with Shopify App

In this video, you're going to learn how to set up your product feed with the Google Shopping App for your Shopify store. I've simplified everything here and I'll take you through the whole process, step by step.


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2 years ago

Hi sam your videos are totally awesome and to the point and very helpful and we nare just starting out with only 2 products and had absolutely no knowledge of what we were getting into long story short web site was designed by a company and turned out to be extremely poorly done and we couldn't afford to pay twice are we feel very lucky you are putting together all your videos to help people like ourselves and others thank you very much

Jo Vucic
2 years ago
Reply to  Richard

Hi Richard,

thank you for the kind words, we love helping out whenever we can!

1 year ago

I'm really enjoying your videos but the most recent reviews for the Google Shopping Channel by Shopify are not great so I am feeling pretty disinclined to use it, even if it is free. Hoping I can do as many product feed fixes as possible using my existing Feed for Google Shopping app by Simprosys

1 year ago

Dear Sam,

Great videos. I'm just trying to figure out if it is even possible for me to try to open up a online store w Shopify ( or not or other) and using dropshipping method. I want to nitsch myself in a certain sport or several sports that I'm myself is active in and sell specific product for that community. I would like to have deals w the brands directly. But where should i start? Is shopify the way to go? Should i add brands products there before i contact them to show them like a demo or not instead of having a empty store. The course series is super detailed and feel a bit overwhelmed. Ive also written you an email w some more details. Thanks you so much!

Ela Bruce
1 year ago
Reply to  Daniél

Hi Daniel,

The platform you choose depends on how much technical know how you have. Shopify is fantastic for a quick setup without needing to know anything about the technical backend. If you prefer to customize everything and have some coding knowledge, then WooCommerce could be the right platform for you.

1 year ago

Hi, just wondering if I can put the Google category like this or it has to just be the number only
Home & Garden>Kitchen & Dining>Food Storage>Food Storage Containers(667)

Ela Bruce
1 year ago
Reply to  Elizabeth

Hi Elizabeth,

You can put either the full path or the number. So it'll be either “Home & Garden>Kitchen & Dining>Food Storage>Food Storage Containers” or just 667.

1 year ago

Hi Sam
Can you advise which is the best plugin to use for Woocommerce and Google shopping please? My website is WordPress Woocommerce not shopify, I have one website that I have put Google listings and ads plugin but some refers are not good so wondering if that is the one I use or do you have another recommendation.

Thank you for your advice

Ela Bruce
1 year ago
Reply to  Julieanne

Hi Julieanne,

I'm not sure which would be the best one, but you can try Google Ads & Marketing by Kliken if the one you mentioned above isn't meeting your expectations.

1 year ago

Your videos are SO HELPFUL! Thank you for providing amazing content.
Question – when optimizing each product through the Shopify method, I am only able to edit the ‘main' product listing, not the individual colors (they are muted in gray and am unable to edit those). Any tips on this? Is it to do with the way I set up my Product Variants?

Screen Shot 2022-11-09 at 2.40.34 PM.png
Ela Bruce
1 year ago
Reply to  Tali

Hi Tali,

How are you setting up the variants? Usually, if they're set up using this guide, you should be able to edit the variant attributes separately from the parent product.

1 year ago

Hi, first of all thank you for this valuable video.
Is it possible to have the same (SEO) pagetitles for 10+ different products? I sell art on acrylic material and i wonder if this is possible.

Thank you

Ela Bruce
1 year ago
Reply to  Cihan

Hi Cihan,

It's possible, but the question is why? Is the art all the same across those products or are there any differences between them? If there are differences, I wouldn't go with the same titles.

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