Section 1.7: Foundations of Google Shopping

How to create your Google Ads account

In this video, you’ll learn a fast, easy way to create your Google Ads account. We’ll walk you through the steps and by the end, you’ll have your account ready to start advertising your products.


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Julieanne Narbey
3 months ago

Hi Sam
For me, the screen that reads ‘What’s your main advertising goal’ doesn’t have switch to expert mode option? It only has the tabs above that.

Julieanne Narbey
3 months ago

Hi Sam
Actually I sorted it. I set the account up some time ago but didn’t do anything more than that with it so I have deleted that account and when starting the process again the switch to expert showed up so I am all good now.

Ela Bruce
Ela Bruce
3 months ago

Good to hear Julieanne 🙂