Section 1.5: Foundations of Google Shopping

How to make your Google Shopping Campaigns profitable

Scaling your ecommerce store and making thousands of profits—these are the two things you want to achieve when running Google Shopping ads. 

This video will teach you how to do just that so you can see your bank account grow. 


📘 The Difference Between Gross Profit Margin and Net Profit Margin ➤ Read here

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7 months ago

Hi, I think you forgot to link the excel sheet! Many thanks for the guide, your hard work and efforts are much appreciated 🙂

Mr Sam Baldwin
6 months ago
Reply to  Ayman

Hi Ayman,

You should be able to get the Google Sheet link under the lesson here : Profitability calculator

6 months ago
Reply to  Mr Sam Baldwin

oh my bad thanks, completely skipped over it for some reason

5 months ago

Hey Sam,

Just a quick question for you regarding B/E ROAS & Net Profit. Don’t you include the taxes you should pay (let say 20% if that’s what you are taxed) in your B/E ROAS and to calculate your real NP ?

Thanks !

Jo Vucic
5 months ago
Reply to  Alexandre

Hi Alexandre,

Yes, the break-even ROAS calculation would be different based on your country of sale and if you have to collect taxes and such.
It’s not unusual to make calculations on the net price (without taxes) since you “get back” the tax on the bought product, and you have to “pay” the difference when you sell the product, but again, that depends on the country and accounting laws.

4 months ago

I tried to download, entered e-mail and got the download link, but on the page, it says Error 400.
Can I get a working link on my e-mail.

Thank you in advance

Ela Bruce
Ela Bruce
4 months ago
Reply to  Dean

Hi Dean,

My apologies for the problem you had with the download. Please try downloading the profit calculator from here:

Let me know if you experience any further issues.