Section 1.4: Foundations of Google Shopping

Guide to Google Shopping metrics

In this guide to Google Shopping metrics Sam covers the 8 most important metrics that tell the story of your campaign’s performance and success.
  • Impressions
  • Clicks
  • CTR
  • Cost
  • Conversions
  • Conversion rate
  • Conversion value
  • ROAS

You're going to learn everything you need about the metrics to optimize and scale your Google Shopping campaigns to make more profits.

The metrics used to measure and track the performance of your Google Ads campaigns.

The reason you need to learn what these are and how to use them, is because properly optimizing and scaling Google Shopping campaigns means using the data you have to make strategic changes.


📘 Invalid clicks: Definition ➤ Click here   

📘 About invalid traffic ➤ Click here

📘 Issues with clicks and clickthrough rate ➤ Click here 

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Ali Abidi
Ali Abidi
5 months ago

Hi Sam, Incredible filming and even more incredible content. Despite the fact that I have to catch up to your speed, the time I have spent watching your video has been completely worth it.

Many thanks for such a wonderful playlist, especially for making it available without charge. I recently started viewing your website’s playlist and couldn’t stop. You’ve done a great job of starting a chain reaction here.

With loads of love and respect for your hard-work.


Ali Abidi
from Karachi,, Pakistan

Ela Bruce
Ela Bruce
5 months ago
Reply to  Ali Abidi

Hi Ali,

Thank you so much for the kind words. We try our best to give as much value as possible in the content we create, and it’s great to hear that you’re enjoying the course.

4 months ago

When Google searches the product feed to determine what is being sold, do they scan the reviews as well as the description?

Ela Bruce
Ela Bruce
27 days ago
Reply to  Kyle

Hi Kyle,

By default, Google doesn’t scan your feed for reviews; this is something you have to set up and create a separate feed for product reviews. You’ll need at least 50+ product reviews to qualify and a reviews app to connect your reviews to the google merchant center. It’s a powerful way of standing out against competitors. We have a video on how to set this up

1 month ago

Hi Sam,

Let me know if you want me to delete this comment after – just wanted to let you know that you have a typo on this page:

  • Clicksh

Sounds a bit like Sean Connery!

Thanks for all your help, working through the course now.

Ela Bruce
Ela Bruce
29 days ago
Reply to  Laurence

Oops, thanks for the heads up Laurence, we’ve fixed it.