Section 3.6: How to Create Your Product Feed

How to fix product disapprovals in Google Merchant Center

In this video, you’re going to learn how to fix product disapprovals in Google Merchant Center. Learn my process for fixing disapprovals quickly and find out how to fix every single disapproval.


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5 months ago

Hi Sam, great video! One of the brands that I partner with (High quality sportswear company based in Thailand) and stock items from do not have SKUs/EANs for their products, therefore these products are of course being disapproved in GMC. However, I see other stores in my niche have active google shopping ads for these same products, so they must have found a way around the GMC disapproval. Can you think of any way in which I can get around this issue? I had an idea of listing the products as custom products/setting the product identifier as non existent, however I’m not sure whether this will work. Any ideas would be greatly helpful, thank you.

Mr Sam Baldwin
5 months ago
Reply to  Dominic

Hi Dominic,

Thank you for the kind words!

There are 2 things you can do if there are no GTINs available for the products you’re selling.
1. Put the [identifier_exists] attribute as NO. Google won’t ask for it, unless Google already knows there’s a GTIN for that product.
2. Put the [identifier_exists] attribute as YES. Provide [brand] and [mpn] attributes. Google only needs 2 of the following 3 filled out: GTIN, brand, MPN.

khizar iqbal
khizar iqbal
4 months ago

Hi Sam, My Gmc got suspended due to misrepresentation, I listed bags as custom products, and I did everything following google policies, In the end, got suspended, Any ideas would be greatly helpful, thank you.?

Last edited 4 months ago by khizar iqbal
Jo Vucic
3 months ago
Reply to  khizar iqbal

Hi Khizar,

It’s hard to diagnose without looking at the account, but we provide a GMC Suspension Audit that deals with exactly that. Check out the service here :

3 days ago

I have about 100 disapproved products and the error code says verbatim ” You are missing a value for . ” No other info. What??

Ela Bruce
Ela Bruce
2 days ago
Reply to  Barbara

Hi Barbara,

Is the account under suspension or you just have disapproved products?
It’s hard to say without a screenshot, but I would contact Google Merchant Center support and check with them if they can see why the products are disapproved.