Learn the fundamentals of creating and scaling Google Shopping campaigns

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Are you feeling overwhelmed and confused by Google Shopping?

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You’re not alone.

When you’re trying to become a successful Ecom store owner, Google Shopping campaigns are some of the most frustrating to set up and to scale profitably.

They take a lot of time and effort and it’s really hard to find the information you can trust.

Just to start, you have to get your feed properly set up, ensure your products are approved in Google Merchant Center, and then create your shopping campaigns. There’s so much that can (and will) go wrong. And that’s just to create the campaigns.

You then need to figure out what all the numbers and metrics mean and know exactly what to change in your account to scale and get better results.

All the while, you’re watching your ad spend go up and your credit card get charged. It’s incredibly stressful!

What’s worse is that it’s so hard to know who to trust in the space.

There are all these dropshipping gurus standing in front of their shiny cars promising their ‘formula’ will make you a millionaire. They’re selling you a crazy dream, rather than actually providing actionable and practical advice.

We think that’s wrong and there’s a better way to grow your ecom store with paid traffic.

The Google Shopping Course You've Been Waiting For

Learn exactly how to set up and optimize Google Shopping Campaigns for your Ecom store

Learn exactly how to set up and optimize Google Shopping Campaigns for your Ecom store. We break down Google Shopping with easy to understand videos. Step-by-step you will learn all the foundations of how Google Shopping works, how to set up your feed and campaigns, and how to optimize them for growth and more profits. We also even show you how to hire the right person to manage your campaigns and how to make sure that they’re doing a good job.

All students get access to:

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The Complete Key Com Google Shopping Course

You get full, lifetime access to the course with over 60 video tutorials, 30 different templates, checklists and resources, and full ongoing support.

Access to all Resources

Our course is jam-packed with insanely valuable resources. You’ll get access to all the checklists, templates and other resources you need to learn Google Shopping and execute profitable campaigns.

Google Shopping Algorithm Simulator

You’ll also get access to our algorithm simulator. Coupled with our walkthrough, we break down how the Google Shopping algorithm works so that you can use it to your advantage. This is an ultimate edge over your competitors. 

If you know how Google Shopping works on a fundamental level, it makes it much easier to know the strategies you need to implement to beat the competition and create more profitable campaigns. This is the ultimate learning tool that I wish I had when I started learning about Google Shopping.

Maximum CPC Bid Calculator

Instead of doing all the crazy math in paper, you can use our CPC Max Bid Calculator to help guide you with your manual bidding strategies for your Google Shopping campaigns. This data-driven approach is a fantastic strategy for new campaigns and accounts that don't have the conversion data that you'll need for automated bidding strategies (we go through this too!).

Target ROAS Calculator

A fundamental part of running Google Shopping campaigns is knowing your metrics and what results you need to be profitable. Get access to our Target ROAS calculator to help you determine your Breakeven ROAS for your Shopping campaigns.

Elite Students get access to the above, and more!

Purchase the Elite package and also get access to:

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Elite Mastermind Community

Trying to build a successful Ecom store alone? It can get lonely out there so come join our Elite Mastermind Community group. Similar to a Facebook group but carefully monitored to be free of all spam and marketing. 

Unlimited Support and Questions

Have a problem with choosing the right feed option? Not sure how to make bid adjustments? Can’t work out why you’re not getting any clicks?
Get unlimited support by purchasing the Elite Edition. Within each module and lesson, you’ll be able to ask any question you'd like. Not only that, but you’ll also be able to see all the past questions and answers from other students. This feature is not available for
students that don’t purchase the Elite Edition.

100+ page Elite Guidebook

You’ll get access to our 100+ page guidebook which details everything in the course so you can take notes and enhance your learning. Quickly reference strategies and concepts so you don’t always have to go back into and re-watch videos later.

The Ultimate Hiring Funnel Course (normally priced at $497)

Elite students will gain access to our ultimate hiring funnel course which breaks down our entire hiring funnel, step-by-step so you can copy and paste it for your own business. This course is a must-have for any Ecom store owner that ever wants to hire quality people to grow their store.
This Ultimate Hiring Funnel course is the result of years and years of experience hiring dozens and dozens of team members (and making all the mistakes that come with it!). You’ll get access to the exact traffic sources we use, the exact interview questions, and even a full trial that you can copy and paste and use for hiring as well. I teach you everything you need to know so you can go from newbie to expert in the hiring department in no time.

Course Audiobook Download

The Elite Edition includes full access to the audiobook version of the course. Play the course on your device while in the car, gym, or wherever! Perfect for those that want to learn on the go.

Slide Pack Download

You’ll get access to all the slides within the course so you can follow along, taking your own notes, as well as quickly reference information later on (rather than having to skip through the video to find the right information).

The GMC Suspension Guide (normally priced at $97)

As a bonus you’ll also get FREE access to our GMC Suspension Guide. This is a 38-video course that shows you how to find the likely cause of your Google Merchant Center Suspension and get it fixed so you can get your Shopping campaigns running again. Almost every Ecom store owner faces a suspension in their Google Shopping journey and this course prepares you for it so you can get your account back up and running in no time.
Learn more about the GMC Suspension Guide here.

How it works

Key Com Google Shopping is a practical and theoretical course. We spend a lot of time teaching you the foundations before we get into the nuts and bolts of what to actually do to set up and grow your campaigns.

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By the end of the course, you’ll have developed developed these 4 core skills for growing your Ecom store:

1. Learn how Google Shopping works

Learn the theory behind Google Shopping to gain the insane edge over the algorithm that your competitors don’t have.

2. Learn how to set up Google Shopping

Follow us, step-by-step as we take you through setting up your shopping campaigns the right way. Including the full feed setup, Google Merchant Center, and your campaign settings.

3. Learn how to optimize and scale Google Shopping

We’ll teach you the strategies and tactics we use day-in, day-out to grow Ecom stores. We’ll even give you a full checklist for implementing our strategies on a regular schedule

4. Learn how to hire someone to manage your Google Shopping campaigns

You don’t want to be managing your Google Shopping campaigns yourself forever. We teach you how to hire someone to manage your shopping  campaigns for you so you can spend time on more strategic parts of growing your store (or even just taking a break!).

(Bonus available in Elite Edition)

What You’ll Learn in Each Section and Module

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Key Com Google Shopping

Learn how to set up and scale your Google Shopping campaigns for your Ecom store.

Module 1

Theory & Foundations of Google Shopping

We lay down the foundations of Google Shopping. We show you what stores do really well with Google Shopping (and what you should change on your own), how the algorithm works, how to approach optimizations, and how to gain a huge edge over your competition.

Module 2

Website Compliance

You’ll learn how to get your website ready for Google. Shopping campaigns and make sure it’s 100% compliant.

Module 3

Google Merchant Center & Product Feed

One of the hardest parts of Google Shopping campaigns is learning how to properly set up your product feed and get it approved in Google Merchant Center. We walk you through everything, step-by-step, to simplify this process and make it as easy as possible, even if it's your first time. 

Module 4

Setting up Google Shopping

We take you through setting up your campaigns in Google Shopping the RIGHT way, for optimal success. The more time we spend preparing your Shopping campaigns, the better results you'll achieve later on.

Module 5

Optimizations & Scaling

We take you through growing and scaling your campaigns. We give you the exact strategies we use on Ecom stores every single day. We guide you through the process and give you a framework and checklist you can use to grow your account.

Module 6


What if you’re not getting sales? What if you’re not profitable? What if you’re not even getting clicks at all? This happens to all of us when we’re starting. We take you through fixing these issues so you can create successful campaigns and grow your Ecom store.

Understand Digital Marketing (and Google)
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The Ultimate Hiring Funnel (Elite Edition only)

Sam gives you his full funnel for hiring amazing Google Shopping marketers that can run your campaigns for you. This is perfect for students that don’t want to spend 3-8 hours every single week managing their campaigns forever. Note that this section is only available in the Elite Edition.

Module 1

Hiring Theory

We lay down the foundations of hiring and break down why it’s much more challenging than most people realize.

Module 2

How to Build Your Funnel

We take you, step-by-step, through the funnel we’ve used to hire dozens of team members in the Ecommerce space. You get access to our full sourcing and shortlisting process, the exact interview questions we use, and even the trial process we use to make sure that the person you choose to run your Shopping campaigns for you is an absolute expert.

Module 3

How to Manage Your Team

We show you how to manage your team to give your Ecom store the best chance of success as you grow. You’ll learn our secret tips for delegating work, making sure your team is happy and kicking major butt for your business.

Module 4

How to Manage a Google Ads Media Buyer

We give you specific strategies for managing your Google Ads media buyer. You’ll learn how to delegate work to your media buyer, make sure they give you the right reports, how much to pay them, and even what to do when they’re not doing a good job (like how to fire them).

What do I need to join this course?

You'll need an Ecommerce store

To take our course you will need to have an existing Ecommerce store. We recommend you use Shopify but it's not required. You'll still be able to follow along if you are not using Shopify. We provide you with multiple different methods for setting up your product feed and not all of them require using Shopify.

It is also recommended that your store is already generating some sales and you have a product-to-market fit. We can teach you how to create and optimize the best Google Shopping campaigns in the world but that doesn't matter if you are not selling a product people want.

The Full Course Syllabus

Google Shopping

  • Overview Of The Theory Section
  • How To Be In The Top 1% Of Digital Marketers
  • Foundations Of The Matrix
  • Examples Of ‘matrix’ Stores
  • The Metrical Journey – How To Read The Story In Your Data
  • Welcome To Google Ads
  • Secrets Of The Google Algorithm
  • Not All Clicks Are Created Equal
  • The Foundations Of Google Shopping
  • Intro To Website Compliance For Google Shopping
  • Contact Us Page
  • Refunds Page
  • Privacy Policy Page
  • Terms & Conditions Page
  • Shipping Policy Page
  • Product Page
  • Homepage
  • Introduction To The Section
  • What Is Google Merchant Center
  • Creating Your Google Merchant Center Account
  • Verifying And Claiming Your Website
  • Filling Out Your Business Information
  • Setting Up Shipping
  • Setting Up Taxes
  • Google Merchant Center Programs
  • Getting Around Google Merchant Center
  • What Is The Product Feed?
  • How To Choose Which Method To Use
  • Method 1: Manually Adding Products In Gmc
  • Method 2: Google Sheets
  • Method 3: Using The Google Channel In Shopify
  • Method 4: Data Feed Watch
  • Avoid Disapprovals And Suspension
  • Google Ads And Shopping Ads
  • Creating Your Google Ads Account
  • Getting Around Google Ads
  • Analyse Your Data
  • Linking Google Ads And Google Merchant Center
  • What Is Google Analytics
  • Installing Google Analytics
  • Setting Up Conversion Tracking
  • Testing Your Conversion Tracking
  • Tying Everything Together
  • Shopping Campaign Structure
  • Creating Your First Shopping Campaign
  • Intro To Optimizations
  • Your Negative Keywords
  • Negative Keyword Match Types
  • Adding A Negative Keywords List
  • Finding More Negative Keywords: Str
  • Finding More Negative Keywords: Karooya
  • Learning Your Profitability Metrics
  • Manual Bidding And Max Cpc Bids
  • Updating Your Max Cpc Bids Based On Bid Calculator
  • Easy Optimisation Schedule
  • Running Promotions For Google Shopping
  • Automated Bidding Strategies For Shopping Campaigns
  • What if I'm not getting clicks?
  • What If I’m not getting Sales?
  • What if I'm not making a profit?

Ultimate Hiring Funnel

  • Welcome & Overview Of The Course
  • Building The Funnel For Your Own Business
  • Why Hire Team Members (And A Media Buyer)?
  • Why Hiring Is So Difficult
  • Why You Need Company Values
  • What To Look For In New Team Members
  • What To Look For In New Media Buyers
  • Freelancers VS Agencies
  • Remote VS In Person Team Members
  • Overview Of The Funnel
  • Parts Of The Funnel
  • Tools And Software
  • Create Zoom Account
  • Create Calendly Account
  • Integrate Zoom & Calendly
  • Creating A Positional Contract
  • Creating Job Posting Templates
  • Bonus: Create A Hiring Video
  • Posting Job – Finding Candidates
  • Posting Job – Upwork
  • Posting Job – Facebook Groups
  • Posting Job – Freeup
  • Posting Job – Hiremymom
  • Shortlisting Candidates
  • Emailing Candidates For The Interview
  • Create Google Form
  • Interviewing Candidates – How To Interview
  • Interviewing Candidates – Art Of The Interview Part 1
  • Interviewing Candidates – Art Of The Interview Part 2
  • Interviewing Candidates – Setting Up
  • Trialing Candidates
  • Agreement And Onboarding Candidate
  • Overview Of How To Manage Your Team
  • Set Clear Expectations With A Positional Contract
  • Clear Forms Of Communication
  • My Favorite Way To Give Tasks
  • Growth And Training
  • Regular Reports
  • Why You Want To Be A Good Boss And Client
  • Tips For A Remote Team
  • Have Their Contact Details Handy
  • Birthdays & Christmas
  • Regular Internal Team Surveys
  • Don’t Expect The Worst
  • Overview: How to Manage a Google Ads Media Buyer
  • Communication
  • Doing The Work
  • Keeping A Checklist And Record Of Work
  • Know Your Clear Goals And Metrics
  • How Much Do You Pay Your Media Buyer?
  • I’m Worried My Media Buyer Isn’t Working!
  • What If They’re Not Getting You Results?
  • When To Fire Your Media Buyer?

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Full 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Enroll and go through as much of the course as you want in 30 days. If you don't LOVE it, then we'll refund 100% of your money.
No sneaky tactics. No “action-based” refund policy where you have to watch X amount of videos or do the worksheets and jump through hoops.
Just send us a simple email to [email protected] and let us know it didn't work out for you.

More About the Course

Key Com Google Shopping teaches you EXACTLY what you need to get started with your Google Shopping campaigns and how to optimize them to grow your Ecom store.

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Here's how…

Meet Your Instructors

Sam new profile

Sam Baldwin

Sam, CEO & Head Strategist of Key Commerce, has been working in the Ecommerce space for years, helping Ecom Stores Grow (as well as growing his own store). He leads a team of Ecom Marketers who aim to bring consistent high-converting traffic to their clients' online stores and grow their Ecom business from $1,000 in monthly Shopify profit to over $100,000 in raw monthly profit.

Lally Profile 2

Lally Ocampo

Lally is a Google-certified Digital Marketing and CRO Specialist, whose main role is to help Key Commerce clients translate their business goals into successful marketing campaigns. She is committed to helping Ecom store owners drive high-quality traffic to their website, improve user experience, increase Ecom sales, and raise their ROAS like they were her own.

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Got questions?

Most frequent questions and answers

The Key Com Google Shopping course is completely online-based and you will get access immediately after purchasing.

While we recommend you go through the course in 4 weeks, this course is a self-paced course.
You can go through it as quickly or as slowly as you like. If you have a busy schedule, no worries. Take your time.

If you don't like the course (or you don't find it helpful), then let us know and we'll refund you within 30 days of purchase.

The Elite Edition comes with 2 types of support.
1. Access to our Elite Mastermind Community. Similar to a facebook, we'll be hosting a group where students can collaborate and ask questions, post their progress, and encourage each other in their growth. It's a great opportunity to network and be supported by other students as well as the Key Commerce team.
2. Full question access to the Key Commerce team. Under each video you will be able to ask any question and our team will promptly reply. You will also be able to see past questions from other students which will enhance your learning even more.

Note that support is only available with the Elite Edition of the course.


Yes! It's the perfect program for you. It's designed in a way to help complete beginners master the fundamentals and get going quickly. If you're brand new, you'll get value out of this.

This course is:

1. Insanely practical. Step-by-step, you will get over-the-shoulder access as we create and show you how to optimize the Google Shopping campaigns

2. Based on value. We're not trying to sell you a dream (like having a lamborghini in your garage or becoming a billionaire). We focus on delivering high-quality content that you can actually use to build an honest Ecom store. You can see this clearly reflected on our Youtube channel and you will find it in the lessons of this course.

3. Made by REAL marketers. Many other Ecom courses out there are made by someone with no prior experience that made just one Ecom store, sold a few hundred dollars worth of drop-shipped aliexpress products and then realized they could make a bunch of cash selling terrible courses. We hate that this part of the Ecom industry exists (and you probably do too!) and we wanted to change that by teaching actionable content based on real experience (which is reflected in our Youtube content). Our course is based on years and years of experience, selling over $15 million dollars worth of ecom products across over a hundred different stores, all around the world. We've seen these strategies work again and again and we use them every single day to grow our clients' stores as well as our own.

It depends.
Are you extremely confident setting up and scaling campaigns? Do you feel like you have a solid grasp of the fundamentals?
If so, then it's probably not for you. But if you've been building Ecom stores for a while but feel like you never really got a good start—we recommend it.

You have lifetime access to the course. That is, for the lifetime of the course, you will always have full access as well as full access to future updates that we make to improve and enhance the content.

The course costs $497 for the Standard Edition and $997 for the Elite Edition. Currently we're running a pre-order special where you'll get access to the Elite Edition for the same price as the Standard Edition (saving of $500!).  Click here to see what's included in each edition. 

All our pricing is in US Dollars.

You can buy by clicking the “Enroll Now” button under each package here.

We stand by this course so much that we're providing a full 30-day money-back guarantee. This doesn't mean it's a walk in the park. Learning Google Shopping takes a lot of work. It will be hard, but it will be worth it. As you take our course you'll get the hang of it, it will make sense, and you'll have an incredibly valuable skill that you'll be able to apply to every new Ecom store you create or work with.
Keep in mind that Google Shopping campaigns are also part of the equation. You will need to make sure you're building a store that adds value to your customers. We elaborate on this in the theory section of the course.

Yes, we will update this course as the platforms change and new strategies become more effective. By purchasing this course you will get access to lifetime updates.

This course is designed for beginners just getting started in Google Shopping. It also takes you through all our tactics and strategies so anyone on an advanced level will learn A LOT from what we have to teach.

We accept credit cards and Paypal.

Yes, of course! If you want to take your Ecom journey seriously then I recommend you also take this course. Our course goes into 10x more detail than our Youtube videos. We take you through everything, step-by-step, and we share our other strategies that we don't share on Youtube. You'll also get access to ongoing support so you can ask any questions and get an expert response to help you on your way.

Many Ecom store owners find that Facebook and Instagram are often ‘tapped-out' for their marketing, while Google Shopping can still consistently bring in profitable sales for their Ecom store. Though incredibly frustrating to set up, Google Shopping campaigns can be very profitable and scalable when managed properly. Ideally, you would want a multi-pronged marketing approach (cross-platform), utilizing Google, Facebook, Organic and Email marketing to grow your store. We recommend Google Shopping be a foundation of your profitable traffic as the high-intent and profitable traffic can feed the growth of the other platforms too.

Yes, every single video has been accurately subtitled in English. All videos and courses are presented in the English language.

Yes! We’ve made sure that our video host allows our students to adjust the playback speed as they wish. This means that you can speed up the videos or slow them down and go at your own pace. Perfect if you want to breeze through the content or want to take your time to make sure you absorb everything we teach.

Great! Feel free to email us ([email protected])