Section 4.1: Creating Google Shopping Campaigns

Standard Shopping vs Smart Shopping


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In this video, you're going to learn the difference between Standard Shopping and Smart Shopping campaigns? Which campaign type should you choose? Which will bring you in more sales?

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14 days ago

Hi Sam, how are you?

Currently I have been using dynamic feed display for remarketing in parallel with manual shopping and I will be switching today to remarketing with gsi using custom html5 ads from GWD, I hope it will be more accurate because they really attract attention, I saw some of my competitors using it and I was impressed.

What’s your favorite remarketing method for your mall ads?

If there is any tutorial / blog of your own explaining how to apply them I would appreciate it.

Have a nice day ๐Ÿ˜€

Jo Vucic
12 days ago
Reply to  Samuel

Hi Samuel,

We’ve seen success will all types of remarketing, it comes down to what assets you have (or create) and the niche. A staple campaign is the dynamic display remarketing campaign with the product feed added. But we made banners, RLSA, html5, video/YouTube remarketing ads work, too; it comes down to the client and niche.
You can start with the video about RLSA campaigns here:

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