Section 3: Product Page Mastery Checklist

Your Product Title


Product title—It’s right at the top of the product page and is the main headline that your customers see on your product page. 

Now, what should your product be and how do you craft it so buyers instantly know what your product is all about? I'm going to give you some tips and guidelines in the video below, but remember that it’s going to also differ based on your own brand and niche.

The key point here is to think about your customers and what they want to see. The title isn’t just shown on the product page, it’s also there on the collections page and anywhere else you are linking to your products. It will also show up in the search results for your SEO, unless you have set your titles to be different to what’s on the page.

Here's an example of a great product title:

You can see the brand of the product (Sony), the model of the earphone (WH-1000XM4), some cool features that many buyers are really looking for (wireless, noise-cancelling, and over-ear), and the color (black). 

So you need to really plan out your product titles, do some research, think about your customers, go back to your buyer persona, and understand what your customers really care about.

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