Section 2: Theory

High Converting Product Page Examples


Starting off, I want to show you what Long Form Product Pages look like. In this video, I go over 3 examples of incredibly high-converting product pages. I break them down in detail, talking through WHY they've created each section and the effect on customers as they view this page.

I've done this to not only show you the makeup of these pages but to also show you the high standard we're aiming for. We're not looking to put in the minimum effort here. We're playing in a competitive market and to get these high conversion rates (and the huge profits that follow), we'll need to put in the work to build and optimize our pages. Learn how other stores are creating these pages so we know what we will expect of our own page before we publish it live.

In this video, I also recommend a Google Shopping playlist (on Youtube) to learn how to generate traffic. You can check that out here: ▶️ 

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Constantinus Johannes
Constantinus Johannes
4 months ago

Thank you very much!

Constantinus Johannes
Constantinus Johannes
4 months ago

Great tips! personalized the information like you has the customer on front of you.

3 months ago

So awesome examples