Section 3: Product Page Mastery Checklist

Your Product Description


In this lesson, I'm going to show you some great examples of product descriptions and give you some tips on how to write descriptions that actually convert for your Ecommerce store.

Most stores, like general and dropshipping stores, simply copy the product descriptions of their suppliers from Alibaba or Amazon. And they don't really put in the effort to research the market, understand their customers, and find the right keywords to highlight in their descriptions.

But your product description is really important in educating, guiding, and convincing your customers when they are inside your store looking for information. Your customers want to know how your product is going to help them, how it's different from other brands, and why they need to purchase from your store. And without an optimized description, they will just exit your page and go to your competitor.

In the video above, I will tell you how the successful stores that I've worked with create their product descriptions. I will also show you examples and tell you why they work.

In this video, I also recommend a tool that you can use to spell check and improve your product descriptions in terms of readability and grammar correctness. The tool is called Grammarly, and I use it in all my content for my website, my email campaigns, and even my scripts. 

Get Grammarly here: 

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