Section 4: Traffic

Quality of the Traffic is Key


Not all clicks are created equal

One day you could get a thousand visitors on your website, but not a single one converted. Why did this happen? Is there a glitch in your system? Is Google Analytics showing you the wrong data?

Well, those are not the questions you should be asking. Rather, ask yourself if those thousand visitors are real people who are interested in your product? Or were they just kids who accidentally clicked on your ad while they were playing on their mom or dad's phones?

Do you see what I mean?

If you want to convert more customers, make sure that you're getting quality traffic. This means you have to make sure it has intent, that is to make a purchase. 

That's why in this lesson, I will be showing you how Google Ads and Google Shopping can work so well together. By running Google Shopping campaigns, you have the control to show your ads to people who are really looking for your product. By using the right shopping campaign setting, you reach target customers, entice them over to your store, and show that your product is going to add value to their lives.

That’s the approach you need to have and a key part of being an expert marketer. And I'll tell you all about that in this video.

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