Section 2: Theory

Terrible Product Page Examples (Don't create these)


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In this video, I'm going to show you what NOT to do on your Product Page for your Ecom store.

Often you can learn better what to do by learning what NOT to do (which is what we do in this video).

Many beginners will throw up a basic page without adding much content at all and this is going to just tank your conversion rates. These stores often barely have a product description and they definitely don't have extra sections, reviews, videos or more content to help sell to the customer.

The scary thing is, they're missing out on some easy opportunities to increase the number of customers they convert by publishing such a basic page.

This is just going to make it much more difficult to convert your traffic.

In this video, I recommend a few other videos too. You can check them out here:
▶️ How to Create Long-Form Product Pages: 

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