Section 4: Traffic

What Types of Traffic can you Get for your Ecom Store?


In this video, you’re going to learn the best Ecommerce traffic sources to get more sales for your Ecom store. Most Ecom store owners only know about Google Ads, Facebook, and Instagram. But there are way too many traffic sources that you haven't thought about, that you can even get FREE traffic from.

I'm will go over Google, Facebook, Instagram in this lesson, but I’ll also be teaching you about some lesser-known sources of traffic.

But first, please remember that traffic is just one part of your whole funnel. If you’re building an Ecommerce store, you want to have your whole funnel tightly optimized for profits. 

What do I mean by this? It means you’re not just generating profitable traffic, but you’re also making sure you optimize your Ecom store, your product pages, and your checkout for maximum conversions. You don't want to send potential buyers to a shitty website or an irrelevant page. It's bad for your brand and it alerts Google making your store open for suspensions.

You also want to make sure that the whole buying journey is set up especially for target customers. This includes shipping the product to them, the packaging, and even the email content you send them after they get their product. All these things work to increase the Customer Lifetime Value, and I go over this very important in another video where I show you how to calculate and increase your customer lifetime value. 

Watch the video here ▶️

In this lesson, I also recommend relevant videos that will teach you more about setting up Google Shopping campaigns, setting up Bing Ads, and installing Google Analytics. You can watch the videos by clicking the links below:

▶️ Google Shopping Ads Full Setup Course for Beginners (Easy Google Sheets Method)   
How to Create Bing Ads Campaign   
How to Install Google Analytics 4 on Shopify
How to Install Hotjar on Shopify 

You can also get the tools I recommend in this video by clicking on the links below:

Groupon 👉 

Hotjar 👉 

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