Section 3: Product Page Mastery Checklist

Your Product Video


Product videos are incredibly powerful content, but not a lot of Ecom stores take advantage of them. They're a bit difficult to produce compared to product images, but when you have them on your product page, it will positively affect your conversion rate.Β 

Just take a look at these product videos from three different stores:

Roost Laptop StandΒ – This product video is personally done by the owner and it's in the review format, where he shows how the product works and his thoughts about it. This type of video is really easy to do and it's also on YouTube so it's going to generate more traffic at the same time.

Bunnings – Pick up and reaching toolΒ – Β This video is great because it’s so simple and focused on the features and benefits of the product. They clearly know their audience and what their customers want, so they make it clear how this tool does that and all the benefits of each feature of the product.

Solo Stove BonfireΒ – This is a really high-quality video and this brand obviously knows their customers. This product video tells the story of the product, it highlights the benefits, shows social proof, and even highlights the community of people who are using this product. It's professionally created footage that goes deeper into the features of the product and how it works.

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