Section 2: Theory

Create Your Buyer Persona and Understand Your Customers


In this video, I will be showing you how to create a buyer persona so you can understand your customers better and create a product page that speaks directly to your customers.

I've worked with so many Ecom stores and a lot of my YouTube subscribers have reached to me and asked me to audit their stores. I’ll take one look at their website, and I know straight away that they don’t know who they’re selling to.

The voice and the language they use in their content sounds like they’re trying to sell a product to a group of people who they know nothing about. Why is it so obvious? Because their website doesn't appeal to these people AT ALL.

If you want to create a store that converts very well, that’s profitable, and scales easily, you need to understand your customers. So, I recommend creating what’s called a Buyer Persona and writing this stuff down.  A buyer persona is basically when you sit down and imagine who your customers are and compile them into one character.

I've created a Buyer Persona template, and you can use it for FREE to build your Buyer Persona. Creating a buyer persona makes it so much easier to know what to put on your product page and even what decisions to make to grow your store.

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3 months ago

Thanks for the template. It’s so helpful. I am going to use that for my business.

Last edited 3 months ago by Helal