Section 1: Introduction

The Landing Page Building Tool You'll Need (Link Here)


To build our product page, we're going to use a landing page builder. This saves us a lot of time, energy and especially money (that you would have to pay a developer) to get our pages built in no time.

I use Shogun for my clients and my own store and it's what I recommend you use too.

It's a paid app and an investment for your store. In my experience, the monthly payment for this software pays for itself with the big increase in conversion rates when you run traffic and convert that traffic into customers.

Of course, you can try editing your product page yourself but that takes considerably more time and, even if you're a seasoned developer, it's much much easier to use a tool like Shogun to quickly spin up your product page and make it look fantastic. This tool also has built-in conversion rate testing and tools that supercharges your optimization process to help you make even more sales.

Click here to get the Shogun Landing page builder.

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1 year ago

Hi Sam,

How do you compare the Shogun to the new Shopify store 2.0? We use Impulse theme. What are the cons and pros to customise product pages? Thank you

3 months ago

Hi Sam, I use Elementor, I have a wordpress woocommerce store, is shogun ok for woocommerce or should I stay with Elementor? I do have the pro version

Ela Bruce
Ela Bruce
3 months ago
Reply to  Julieanne

Hi Julieanne,

As far as I know, Shogun is specifically designed as an app for Shopify and BigCommerce. I’m not sure if they have a WooCommerce integration yet.