Section 3: Product Page Mastery Checklist

Your Product Images


Your product images are one of the most important parts of your product page. Why? Because it almost always catches the attention and eyes of your customers. In this lesson, I will be giving you some tips to optimize product images on your product page.

Many Ecom store owners, especially beginners, will just copy and paste the images from their supplier and it will sometimes have Chinese text overlayed on top of the images because they're dropshipping from China. But this is a terrible, terrible practice. It’s going to be very hard to increase your conversion rates if you do this, and it also makes your store open to suspension once Google crawls your website. 

If you’re too lazy or too cheap to even do this, I gotta say that maybe Ecommerce isn’t for you.

Yes, many Ecom store owners you might have seen get by without optimizing their images, but it’s going to be so much harder. The cost of having really great product images is so small compared to the potential gain if you do it right for your store. Everyone just copies the images from the supplier, it can work, but if you want huge gains in your product page, get your own images.

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