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Google Ads Account Access Permissions Explained (How to add a new user)

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital advertising, maintaining the security of your Google Ads account is paramount.

One crucial aspect of account security is managing user permissions and access levels effectively. We explain the five access levels in Google Ads, shedding light on how each level provides a different layer of control and security.

Email Only Access

The first level, Email Only Access, is the most basic. Users with this level can receive essential data and reports via email. While it offers limited hands-on control, it's perfect for those who primarily need to monitor advertising performance without making any adjustments.

Billing Access

Users with Billing Access enjoy similar restrictions to Email Only users. However, they gain the ability to view and edit billing information, run or edit billing reports, and manage payments. This includes adjusting payment details such as billing address, tax information, and language preferences. Billing users can also toggle between manual and automatic payments and customize the payment threshold.

Read Only Access

The Read Only Access level is tailored for Google Ads users who need to observe account activities without making any changes. These users can receive notification emails and reports, view campaigns, ad groups, performance, and billing data, but are restricted from making any changes.

Standard Access

Standard Access users possess all the viewing capabilities of Read Only users but can also manage campaigns and create ads. While they have limited billing access, they cannot modify account settings or user configurations. 

Admin Access

The highest access level in Google Ads is Admin Access, which grants full control over the account. Admin users can perform all functions of other access levels and additionally manage users, account billing, and implement top-level changes.

Adding Users to Your Google Ads Account:

Now that you understand the various access levels, here's how to add users to your Google Ads account.

From your Google Ads dashboard, click on 'Admin,' then 'Access and security,' and finally, make sure that you're on the 'Users' tab. 

Click the 'Add' button, enter the user's email address, and specify their access level. If needed, set a timeframe for access or select 'Never' for indefinite access.

The invite will remain pending until accepted, and you can revoke invitations if necessary.

Maintaining Control and Security:

Regularly review the users associated with your account and remove any who no longer require access. This proactive approach ensures that your account remains secure, minimizing the risk of unauthorized changes and safeguarding the integrity of your advertising efforts.

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