Google Ads Not Getting Impressions? Try These 12 Foolproof Hacks

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Are your Google Ads not getting impressions? Getting zero clicks and zero impressions on your ads can be your worst nightmare. 

Imagine not getting any impressions in your Google Ads after working hard on setting your Google Ads campaigns? It can be such a bummer for an Ecommerce business owner like you who wants to scale your business to the next level. But don't worry, because I got you covered! In this article, I'm going to walk you through the reasons why the heck your Google Ads have 0 impressions and how to fix this issue and kickstart your campaigns!

What is Impression share?

Impression share or Search impression share ( SIS or IS)  is a metric that most digital marketing or PPC marketers use to measure the number of impressions you get from your Google Ads and other networks.

Advertisers can check the percentage of specific ad impressions from the keywords that they used.

Impressions shares are the number of impressions you get from your paid ads. It sounds so simple, but getting the right amount of impressions for your ads is the hardest part. 

Different Types of Impression Share in Google Ads

There are three different types of impression share that you should know. Understanding each type will help you determine where you're getting your impressions from and what's hindering your ads from scaling.

  • Search impression share – Search impression share is the impression that you get from search engines. When a user types in Google and sees your ads, that's when you generate impressions.
  • Search exact impression share – The search exact impression share is the impression that you get from the search network for having exact keywords that matched the search queries of people. Therefore digital marketers aim to get as close as possible to the search queries to get more impressions for your website or Ecommerce store.
  • Search lost impression share –  The search lost impression is the amount percentage or number that you lost from having a low budget on your campaign. An insufficient budget can make you lose impressions on the search network. You can also lose impressions from having a low ad rank.

How to calculate Google Ads impression share?

You can calculate impressions by dividing the number of impressions you have by the number of total eligible impressions.


Impressions / total eligible impressions = Impression share

Take note that the eligibility is dependent on different factors and the settings of your ads from quality scored to the targeting settings. So you're probably thinking what am  I going to calculate when my google ads are not getting impressions

The answer is that your  google ads might have  0 impressions now but in the future, you'll be needing to calculate it to know which of your Shopping ads are getting  more attention.

Top Reasons Why Your Google Ads are Not Getting Impression

There are many reasons why your Google Shopping campaigns are not getting impressions.

Here are the most common issues that you might be experiencing and knowing how to fix these issues will help you improve your impression share and run your Google Ads.   

  1. Billing Information Issue.

You want to check if the billing information of your ad is correct from the credit card number to the address. It's important to double-check the billing information since Google will not show your ads if it has a problem or incorrect information.

2. Campaign/Ad Group Paused

Always check your campaigns, or Ad groups are still on Active status. A paused campaign not only hinders your ad from showing. And it can also prevent your ads from getting impressions.

3. Disapproved Ads

Another thing that you might want to check is if your Google ads have been disapproved. 

If your ads don't follow the Google Ads text policy or rules, then there's a high chance your ad has been rejected.

You can check the ad approval in your Ads tab of your campaign then the status column. The status column is where you'll know if your ad has been approved, disproved, or approved yet limited. Once you review the status, you can figure out the next step to do.

4. Disapproved Keywords

Checking your campaign keywords is an excellent thing to do since Google runs through your keywords to check if they are follow their policies. 

Don't use words relevant to these topics in your keywords to avoid keyword disapprovals:

  • Advertising products
  • Firearms
  • Drugs
  • Cigarettes 
  • Pornography
  • Hard alcohol
  • Fireworks

5. Negative Keywords

Negative keywords are essential for maximizing the performance of your campaigns, because they help remove unwanted traffic for your ads. 

Run through your negative keywords list and check if you haven't added negative keywords to campaigns or ad group level.

6. Low Search Volume

One of the main reasons why Google shopping ads don't get any impression is because of low search volume. For you to check the search volume, you can go to the keyword section and check the status column there. 

Once you see your keyword search status or level, you can use a Google Ads keyword planner to check what are the keywords with high search volume.

7. Poor Ad Scheduling

You need to have effective scheduling of your ads that will target your audience. If you don't, then a poorly executed ad schedule will just waste your efforts and budget in an instant.

8. Negative Bid Adjustments

Review and remove any significant bids adjustments that are affecting the performance of your campaign. Adjusting your bidding strategy is crucial to getting more impressions.Once you modified the bids, you'll be getting the right impressions of your ad campaigns in no time. 

9. Keyword Bids Exceed Daily Budge

You have to know when to lower or increase your daily budget for your keywords. Google will not show your ads if it's not on the right track. You should know how to calculate your max CPC or cost per click for your ads.

You should learn how to level your bidding strategy based on your profits from your Google ads campaigns.

11 Hacks to Increase Impression Share and Kickstart Your Google Ads


Optimize keywords

Optimizing keywords are important not just for generating traffic or impressions but to also improve the Quality Score of your Google account.

Digital marketers or PPC experts exert numerous efforts in optimizing their content such as the Ad copy and landing page of their Ecommerce stores to boost conversions and impressions.

Google will love your Ecommerce store if it's well optimized since it means you take your business seriously. Like a well- fueled engine your store can run efficiently in the Google ads platform. So.don't forget to optimize your contents and website regularly!


If all else fails you can retarget or remarket to your existing customers. Retargeting not only works for marketing purposes but it's also an effective technique to get your sales up in the process 

Implement device campaign

For you to maximize ad  campaigns, adding device campaigns  for mobiles and desktop for your customers to see your Google ads on their devices. 

It's  an easy way for you to boost impressions. It may cost your budget but it can be a great investment towards your goal of scaling your store.

Check Google Merchant Center for errors

The first thing that you have to do whenever running a Google Ads campaign is to check for merchant errors,  notifications and product policy violations.  Since you're running your shopping ads campaign on your Google account, you need to ensure that everything is intact and the right information is in order.

 Your product feed is crucial to running an efficient campaign on the Google merchant center therefore you need to be careful. Following the best product feed management practices will help you run campaigns with less to zero data feed errors!

The last thing that you want to do is fix disapproved products in Google Merchant errors that will delay you and further lower your impressions.

Use Target ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) 

You want to check how much you're  putting in target ROAS for your shopping campaigns. Since for this metric the higher the ROAS is the better. Also how much money you're getting back which is ROI.

 For you to boost impressions and conversions on your shopping ads you can analyze this metric and use target ROAS in one of your strategies. Since Google algorithm needs at least more than 30 conversions to have data to work on your account.

Check the Ad Preview Tool

The Ad Preview tool is handy in times like this since it allows you to enter a keyword specifically for a location or a device that your ads are showing up. 

Once you use the Ad Preview tool, you're making sure that the problem is not with the users not being able to see your ads with the keywords.

If your ad shows up, it means that your problem is not that heavy and can easily be fixed.

Optimize Product Title

Once you've done all the things that you must check from the Google Merchant center warnings or notifications, then you need to check the Google shopping optimization of your product feed.

Product titles are essential for boosting the SEO performance of your ads. Not only that, but optimizing your product title can increase your CTR or click-through rate. It's best if you can include the highest search queries on your product titles.

Product photo optimization

For optimizing product image, there are simple rules; the photo must be clear, simple, yet catchy. For Ecommerce store owners like you who want to make sales, then having a presentable photo of your products can increase impressions and profits. You want to avoid getting product policy violations that can affect your Google Search Ads performance.

Adjust the Geo-targeting settings

Your impression share can improve once you adjust the location settings if your campaign ads. You want to make sure that your Google ads are showing in the right place or location where your target audience is.

Make better Ads Quality

Quality score is a significant factor in your impressions share. You are putting in efforts to create excellent yet high-quality ad copy and landing page that can lead to a better quality score. And Google will do its job in displaying your ads often.  Do your best to stay relevant to the keywords and adhering to the policy when creating one.

Keep on Learning. Keep on Testing

Last but not least, when troubleshooting the Google ads, not getting impressions. You need to learn other tricks and techniques to solve them.

You can't do it in an instant, and you need to be patient. With the right knowledge and experience on Google Ads, it'll be easier to improve impressions in time.

 Remember that Google, in general, always updates its features and ad campaigns. Keeping up to date with the latest trends and add-ons of Google will help you improve your shopping campaigns in the present and for the future. Better be in the know and ahead of the game as soon as possible!

Kick-start Your Google Shopping Campaigns

Getting 0 impressions in Google ads can give us a headache-like a puzzle that we need to solve. We all know it’s the worst thing ever. It's so frustrating to spend so much time and effort setting up your Google Merchant Center feed and getting everything approved only to gain 0 clicks and 0 impressions. 

Your shopping campaigns just fall flat! 

As discussed above, there are a handful of reasons why your Google Search Ads are getting 0 clicks and 0 impressions. Therefore, addressing these problems right away is crucial to the success of your campaign. You may have had some product feed issues, violated a Google Ads policy, or other Google Ads issues. 

If you are getting NO CLICKS and NO IMPRESSIONS on your Google Shopping Ads, watch this video and I will guide you through jump-starting your Google Shopping Campaigns to start scaling your Ecommerce store!

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3 months ago
Reply to  Mr Sam Baldwin

Hi Sam! Thank you for the helpful post. I’m a professional Google Ads manager having issues with getting impressions for one of my campaigns. I’ve created many campaigns over the years and usually, I expect to see hundreds (if not thousands) of impressions per day, especially during the early days of a campaign. This has generally been true even for small, highly local campaigns. But one of the most recent campaigns I created has been getting only a handful of impressions per day and I can’t figure out what the problem is. I reached out to Google Support, which as usual was extremely unhelpful.

The campaign has 61 approved keywords with decent search volume (ranging from a few dozen to a tens of thousands of searches per month), five active ad groups, no disapproved ads, no billing issues (it’s a nonprofit account), scheduled 24/7, no bid adjustments, and a very large budget ($200/day), targeting all of CA, OR, and WA, and all ads rated Excellent. Moreover, I have no CPA or audience targeting. I waited for the learning phase to be over, and things still didn’t change. I thought maybe the history of the conversion goals is preventing the ads from serving more impressions, so I copied the campaigns and changed the bid strategy to Maximize Clicks, but nothing has worked. Even other campaigns in the same account with a fraction of the budget are serving more impressions.

I would appreciate any ideas you have for solving this issue. Thank you!

Last edited 3 months ago by Shahin
Ela Bruce
Ela Bruce
3 months ago
Reply to  Shahin

Hi Shahin,

When you say it’s a non profit account, does that mean a Google Grant account with the $10k a month spending limit? If so, those operate quite different compared to “for profit” Google Ads accounts.

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I hope you enjoy reading this article.

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