Section 5.4: Optimizing Google Shopping Campaigns

Manual bidding optimizations for Google Shopping

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What is manual bidding and why do we recommend starting your campaign with this bidding strategy? Learn about that and more in this video.

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18 days ago

Hi Sam, how are you? This is the part that I have the most difficulties to take care of manually because there are a little more than 200 products, when will it be released?

Mr Sam Baldwin
18 days ago
Reply to  Samuel

Hi Samuel,

Great, thanks.
I know that can be tedious with 200 products, but the video is coming soon! In the meantime, you can download the bidding template under the lesson.

11 days ago
Reply to  Mr Sam Baldwin

i think the form and the email don’t work well. I tried to download many things but there is no files sent to me

Jo Vucic
11 days ago
Reply to  Ben

Hi Ben,

when you put in your name and email, you should get directed to the thank you page where you can click on the button to download the sheet.
Thank you page button

12 days ago

Hey Sam, I have my Audience Data as well as Roas etc from my Facebook Ads that I have been succesfully running for over a year now. Can I use that data towards Google ads ? I was told the data will be completely different however it is hard to believe ! Thanks again in advance

Jo Vucic
11 days ago
Reply to  Kasia

Hi Kasia,

You can use the data as a starting point. Indeed, you might not get the same audience and performance because Facebook and Google Ads are two different platforms with different goals.
I would create a buyer persona since Facebook can give you a detailed demographic profile and other attributes.