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Conversion categories

What are conversion categories?

Conversion categories in Google Ads are a way to group and organize different types of conversions resulting from your advertising efforts. 

By categorizing your conversions, you can better understand the performance of your campaigns and optimize them accordingly.

Google Ads provides several default conversion categories.

Sale Categories

This category tracks conversions related to purchases or sales made on your website. It is typically associated with ecommerce businesses and allows you to measure the effectiveness of your ads in driving direct revenue.

  • Purchase
  • Add-to-cart
  • Begin Checkout
  • Subscribe


Lead conversions encompass actions that indicate potential customer interest, such as form submissions, quote requests, or contact inquiries. Tracking lead conversions helps you assess the effectiveness of your ads in generating qualified leads for your business.

  • Submit lead form
  • Book Appointment
  • Sign-up
  • Request quote
  • Get Directions
  • Outbound click
  • Contact

Further categories

This category is a catch-all for conversions that don't fit into the predefined categories mentioned above. It lets you track and attribute conversions unique to your business goals and objectives. In addition, you can customize this category to align with specific actions that matter to your business.

  • Page View
  • Other

By assigning conversions to the appropriate categories, you can gain valuable insights into the performance of your campaigns. This information helps you evaluate your advertising efforts' return on investment (ROI), optimize your bidding and targeting strategies, and make data-driven decisions to improve your overall marketing performance in Google Ads.

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