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How to identify rage clicks with HotJar

It’s difficult to determine if potential customers have problems using your website. If something on the site doesn’t function as it should, users often resort to rage-clicking out of frustration.

With Hotjar, identifying the problem areas is easier using their analytics recording sessions.

What are rage clicks?

Rage clicks are when website visitors repeatedly click on a particular area or element of your site over a short time. It usually signals frustration by users relating to page speed, broken links, or confusion. Knowing what is causing your visitors to get upset can help you optimize your pages for increased conversions. 

You can detect these moments of frustration during live useability testing or with analytics software such as Hotjar session recordings. It can help you determine whether the clicks are due to problems on your site, such as dead links or broken elements, or if people are clicking out of habit. In addition, using the Hotjar sessions can help you improve user experience (UX).

What causes rage clicks?

Several reasons can cause users to get angry and resort to intense clicking, and many of these are related to the UX of the site. The most common ones are:

  • Buttons not working
  • Not knowing if an element is clickable
  • Invisible overlays
  • Misleading information
  • Slow website
  • Broken elements and links
  • Website bugs

How to identify rage clicks with Hotjar

To effectively use the Hotjar session recordings, you need to add rage clicks as a filter. This way, you can pinpoint exactly when a user constantly clicks on an element or area of your site. The video will help you identify what you need to change to optimize UX and improve the customer experience.  

There are several ways that you can use Hotjar to identify any UX issues on your website. For example, below, you’ll see we pinpoint the activity on a checkout page with higher than usual exit rates and abandoned carts. In this case, we want to determine why people aren’t completing their purchases.

Step 1:

Filter your recording by the URL to isolate the checkout page sessions. Then, you’ll be able to view only the visitors who went through checkout.

How to identify rage clicks with HotJar
How to identify rage clicks with HotJar

Step 2:

Do some user recording analysis by defining goals and metrics, making notes, and sharing recordings with your team. Once you’re done, you can drill down further to investigate the user's actions.

Step 3:

Filter the videos further to segment only those visitors who rage clicked on the checkout page.

How to identify rage clicks with HotJar
How to identify rage clicks with HotJar

Step 4:

A final analysis of the recordings may give insight into why your customers are rage-clicking. For example, there may be an element that’s broken, the process freezes halfway through the checkout, or they might be unable to update their billing or shipping information. 

Watching recorded sessions of your customer’s actions is the best way to discover and eliminate the problem.

Pro-tips for clearer data

We recommend you experiment with various filters to help pinpoint the issues. Even though recorded sessions are helpful, they are only one tool to help you optimize your ecommerce store

You can use a combination of filters to save time and narrow the rage-click recordings even further. By using the various options, you’ll be able to see when users rage-clicked, bounced, or exited without converting. 

Use the URL filter, rage clicks, and the u-turn filter to see when a user returns to the previous page.The recordings together with incoming feedback will help you locate feedback by disgruntled users. This tool will show you any feedback that users leave explaining why they are confused or frustrated.

How to identify rage clicks with HotJar

Rage clicking - the final frustration

It’s one thing to figure out why your visitors are prone to rage-clicking on your website, but fixing the problems is another challenge. The session recordings are a great tool to discover the problem once it arises. Ideally, you want to monitor your website to nip any potential issues. 

Unfortunately, by the time your customer clicks like a crazy person, their experience of your site is tarnished. It will be much more challenging to entice disgruntled users back than to acquire new ones.

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