How to Plan Out a Sales Calendar for Your Ecommerce Store

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Do you have a sales calendar planned out for your Ecommerce store? 


This article will show you how to plan out your marketing calendar for the entire year so you won’t miss out on important dates and big holidays. I even have a free template that you use to map out all your sales campaigns! 


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Plan out your sales for the year so you're prepared to maximize your sales and profits during key events.

What is a sales calendar?

A sales calendar is a list of all the sales you’re going to run throughout the year. In this calendar, you will highlight all the big holidays you can target to drive more sales, including Black Friday Sale, Valentines Sale, 4th of July Sale, Christmas Sale, and even an Anniversary Sale. 


Planning your sales calendar is crucial because you need to know how to prepare for all your upcoming sales and plan around these big holidays. 




Because you don’t want to go out of stock or not have your email marketing prepared when you could make a tremendous amount of cash during these big sale times.


Many of your customers expect you to run a sale, and they’re there ready to purchase. You need to give them the discount code and let them know when this sale is coming.


Running sales is worth it because you can get a HUGE volume of orders and make a lot of money! These sale promotions also keep your customers returning to your store and have a better buyer experience. 


This also means that if they keep buying products from you, they are much more likely to tell their friends and family about your great store.


So if you haven’t planned out your Sales Calendar yet, get my FREE template and start planning your big holiday calendar so you won’t miss out on crucial sales opportunities.

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Table of Contents

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