Paid Ads Account Manager (Google & Meta Ads)

We're looking for a Paid Ads Account Manager to join our 100% remote team. We’re a digital marketing agency that helps Ecommerce stores grow with paid marketing.

What is it like to be a part of the KeyCommerce family?

100% Remote team 

  • Go work from wherever you want
  • Localized Vacation Policy
  • Technology stipend (upgrade your device)

Growth-focused – We'll invest in you to make you an elite specialist!

  • Education stipend
  • Weekly group trainings
  • Collaborative work environment

Work-Life Balance: 

  • Relatively small client portfolio per account manager, letting you give each their due care and attention
  • Strict vacation policy (we want you to take time off)

Performance > Hours:

  • Got all of your work done early on a Friday?

Go to the beach, we care about the work you do not how long you sit in front of your computer


  • We’re a small elite team and we treat each other like family
  • Strict no a-hole client policy
  • Open door policy with leadership
  • Accessible founder – WE LOVE FEEDBACK!

Job Description

You will be an Account Manager who directly handles the strategy and implementation of Paid Media accounts for highly vetted e-commerce stores. We work with Google Ads, Meta Ads, and occasionally TikTok Ads and Pinterest Ads.

The Work Involved

The technical side of things...

  • You'll be creating new campaigns from start to finish, setting them up according to your own strategy, which is always driven by a thorough analysis of the data.
  • You'll perform meticulous audits on accounts where the client has come to us with one already running, providing digestible summaries of what you've found and what should be done going forward.
  • You'll work within processes and guides that have been set up. Rather than finding them restrictive to ‘how you do things', you'll see how effectively they cut down on errors and missed opportunities. You'll also love adding your own suggestions to improve these processes.
  • Your attention to detail will be the stuff of legend. From the resume you submit to your every client communication, to the eventual autobiography of your rise in KeyCommerce, everything will be double-checked for spelling, grammar, and professional presentation.

The people side of things...

Our client relationships are exceptional. These store owners have come to us with a business they've heavily invested their time and money into, and they've chosen us to take them to the next level. It's an incredible responsibility, and we throw ourselves into making each one a success story.

  • Build Trust: You'll be the primary point of contact for each client assigned to you. Building a deep trust and bond with our clients whom we care about.
  • Constant Learning: You'll be mentored by someone whose role is dedicated to your development. Once you've made it onto our team, our focus is sharpening your skill set to be the best of the best. That means both client relations and technical prowess. The learning never stops, and we support each other like a true team. 
  • A Fun Diverse Workplace Environment: Your co-workers come with a full spectrum of personalities, previous work experiences, and specializations. Really, the only two common factors to everyone are the principle of putting the client first and an eagerness to develop.

What Should You Have?

  • You need to have experience with Google Ads and Meta Ads; 
  • We care more about your performance and what you’ve been able to achieve with Ads versus how long you’ve been managing them.
  • Communication skills. You can explain things well to clients, speak confidently about the technical and strategic aspects of what you're doing, and always frame things with empathy for the client's perspective. 
  • Humility and honesty. Being humble means staying open to things outside your wheelhouse, knowing there's so much to test and learn. 
  • Be resourceful. You focus on solutions rather than problems.

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