Senior Account Manager for Google & Bing Ads


We're looking for a Senior PPC Account Manager to join our 100% remote team. We’re a digital marketing agency that helps Ecommerce stores grow with paid marketing.

The Senior Account Manager at Key Commerce provides our core service of managing Google & Bing Ad accounts for Ecommerce stores and mentors our team. The work involved:

  • Mentoring team members, answering questions from the team about media buying, managing clients, and all things Google
  • Being the primary point of contact for your clients
  • Overseeing the paid media strategies and implementing them in the client’s Google & Bing Ad accounts.
  • Creating new campaigns and strategies and reporting on results
  • Working with Google Search, Google Shopping and Google Display campaigns
  • Communicating with clients via Slack and video calls (monthly).
  • Working with other team members (banner designer, product feed specialist) to ensure the best service delivered to clients for their paid Ecom marketing

You will manage your own portfolio of clients within our agency and be responsible for the media strategies for each store. You will also be available to answer questions from within our team. We'd love to use your years of marketing experience!

Standards for the position:

  • Experienced Media buying. You will have experience executing paid media strategies for Ecommerce stores.
  • Communication skills. You will be proficient and confident communicating with clients and team members.
  • Self-Motivation. A genuine desire to become an integral and important part of our team.
  • Be resourceful. Focus on solutions rather than problems.
  • Leadership. The drive to stand up and lead ad accounts & strategies and lead the relationship with the client.
  • Initiative and forward-thinking. Before communicating with others we think through how it will be received and prepare as much as we can.
  • Team player. Thinking of the whole and not putting yourself above others.

Work requirements for the position:

  1. Client communications
    1. Regular communications with clients. Checking in when we have quick-wins, responding to their queries, requesting information or approvals
    2. Monthly meetings with clients
    3. Building the client relationship and becoming their trusted advisor on behalf of the rest of the team
  2. Account management
    1. Account management for Google & Bing Ads
    2. Leading the strategy and implementation for the accounts managed
    3. Analyzing data and making optimizations based on the results
    4. Finding new opportunities and new strategies to test to improve results
    5. Recommendations for improving conversion rate optimization of websites
  3. Learning and training
    1. Learning new marketing skills, new platforms, new strategies and best tactics
    2. Being up to date with Ecommerce happenings
  4. Mentorship
    1. Being available on Slack to answer questions from the team when they have any queries about Google Ads and managing clients
    2. Joining team calls and providing feedback for other team members on how they can improve their accounts & strategies
    3. Setting a high standard for our service for the team to emulate with their own clients

Who will you be mentoring?

You will be mentoring our other media buyers that have between 2-4 years of experience. They are driven, passionate and eager to learn and grow in their marketing careers. They are already proficient in media buying, have significant marketing experience and have achieved some very impressive results with our clients. You will be a voice of guidance and sounding board to help them grow further in their careers.

Behavioural Requirements for the position:

The Account Manager is a dynamic position sitting between the client and the account. They are required to work in the account as well as articulating the work they do in the account into language the client understands. The Account Manager is an active and integral part of the Key Commerce team exhibiting the following behaviour:

  • A well-balanced tendency towards both the task-oriented and human-side of working in an agency
  • Highly organized, disciplined, driven and energetic.
  • Honest. Is comfortable being honest with the client and team members even when it is not in their best interest. This means being open about mistakes, being open about areas of improvement.
  • Humble. Always being open to critical feedback. Understanding that we are all learning, and the feedback we provide each other at Key Commerce is never a personal attack, but because we all want to be better versions of ourselves.
  • Responsible. Taking responsibility for the account, the account’s results, and the results of other team members. Our default at Key Commerce is ‘extreme ownership’ where leaders default to taking ownership themselves, taking responsibility themselves for actions, before blaming others.
  • Learning and improvement. Being hungry for more knowledge, more skills, more experienced, and more strategies under your belt.
  • Team player. We support each other and give each other the benefit of the doubt. We stand by our team and expertise and we don’t shift the blame when things go wrong. Our team members are often calling on other team members to look over strategies, results, tasks, to help each other succeed and improve.
  • Pays close attention to directions and knows when to check-in or ask for assistance. Exercises excellent judgment in determining what can and cannot be efficiently accomplished prior to receiving approval/direction.
  • Discrete and trustworthy with sensitive firm and client information.

Other Team Members Supporting You:

In this role you will have other team members supporting you in the work you do for clients.

These members include:

  • Banner designer – to create banners for your display network campaigns. You will create the briefs for the designer and review the final results to ensure quality before you implement the campaigns into the ad account
  • Product feed specialist – to manage Google Merchant Center for your clients. This team member takes care of Merchant Center and the product feed to ensure the uptime of your Google Shopping campaigns.
  • Conversion tracking specialist – to assists when onboarding your new clients by ensuring conversion tracking is set up before we run any paid campaigns.
  • Project Manager – this team member helps onboard clients by making sure we have the right access to all their marketing platforms (Google Ads, Google Analytics, etc) and setting up our internal platforms (Slack channel to communicate with clients). They help make sure everything runs smoothly!


  • 5+ years of experience:
    • Working with Google Ads & Shopping campaigns
    • Working in an agency environment
    • Working in a client-facing role
  • Fluent English


  • Fully remote and flexible position. You can work from anywhere in the world!
  • Work with a positive, friendly, family-like team
  • Big learning and growth opportunities – expand your knowledge and work with exciting clients

Position unavailable at this time.

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