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Learn how to fix a suspended Google Merchant Center account so you can get your Shopping campaigns running again.

Disapproved products is a part of the Google Shopping life. Learn how to fix them and get your products approved again.

Optimizing your product titles is a core part of scaling your Google Shopping campaigns. Learn how in our comprehensive guide.

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Google Search Ads
Jo Vucic

How to set up a DSA campaign

Dynamic Search Ads are a campaign style based on your website's content. Google crawls your site and matches the search terms that are related to the content. The headline and

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Google Ads

11 Reasons Google Shopping Ads fail

What are Google Shopping ads? Google Shopping ads are graphic advertising that appears at the top of the search results when you search for a particular product. The ad contains

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Analytics and Data for Ecommerce
Mr Sam Baldwin

How to identify rage clicks with HotJar

It's difficult to determine if potential customers have problems using your website. If something on the site doesn't function as it should, users often resort to rage-clicking out of frustration.

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