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Mr Sam Baldwin

How to Run a PPC Audit in the New Google Ads Editor

You might not look forward to running PPC audits, but they’ll help you spot problems before they get out of hand. That might mean identifying areas where you’re wasting money or discovering that you’ve been targeting the wrong groups all along.

While PPC audits themselves aren’t exactly a revelation, they’re an essential part of any search marketer’s strategy, and luckily, Google has rolled out some new additions to their Ads Editor and Reports to make the process easier.

New features allow brands to review ad strength, maximize conversions and set custom rules. Keep reading, and we’ll go over some key things to know before you get started.

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Mr Sam Baldwin

The PPC Marketer’s Guide to Search Intent

If you have any experience with content marketing or other SEO-related efforts, you probably already know who your audience is and where they hang around online. You probably also know how important it is that your emails, blog posts, and case studies speak to that audience.

Search intent also matters a ton when it comes to PPC. After all, you can’t drive conversions without getting in front of the right people. And without a deep understanding of keywords, you stand to waste an awful lot of ad spend.

In this article, we’ll go over some key things to know about search intent and why you shouldn’t skip over this piece of the puzzle.

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